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Daring cooperation of Brave Unicorns x VR Premium resulted in a short document in 360 degrees. Agnieszka, Innovation & Creative Leader Brave Unicorns was responsible for the concept and scenario. Adam, CEO & Executive Producer in VR Premium, for great realization. The film went to MIP Markets to Cannes.
The documentary tells the story of Crooked Forest at Gryfino. The idea is based on embedding this story in two perspectives - the Forest Spirit / objective narrative and curves of pines / subjective narrative, which is conducted through dialogues between trees in the presence of a cognizing subject. The trees' voices tell the hypotheses about the Crooked Forest, which have not been resolved. The whole thing closes the point of view on this issue of the Forest Spirit.
The documentary was shot in 360-degree technology, which allows for deep immersion of the participant in the story. An additional artistic value is the use of sound space, which allows us to participate in the surrounding reality and "conquer" a stay in an unusual forest.
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Crooked Forest