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Case study: The first in Poland workshop in 360-degree filmmaking for young video creators


Agnieszka Jaworska of Brave Unicorns, together with Adam Stachowski of VR Premium, in cooperation with the Kołobrzeg Suspense Film Festival organized a workshop for the young generation in shooting 360-degree videos. It was the first workshop of this type in Poland. Agnieszka was responsible for the so-called umbrella idea while Adam handled production. Together they were responsible for the highest quality substantive contribution to workshop organization when it comes to creating and producing films using the 360-degree technology.

Brave Unicorns and VR Premium want to spread awareness of new technologies and their creative potential in the group that consumes innovative content naturally – the cross-section between Generation Z and the Millennials,as well as provide young creators with access to new technologies. It is their mission to create global conditions for access to new technologies that the world is currently consuming. The greatest content creators utilize the potential of this technology: BBC, CNN; Hollywood, Disney, social channels: Faceboook, YouTube; technology giants: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oculus, Google (...), the biggest film festivals and many, many more...

The creative concept consisted in creating a framework for the workshop participants, which would allow them to explore the secrets of creation and production via the use of new technologies. This is how the idea of local stories came to be. Agnieszka wanted to extract local flavor and nuance. She wanted local stories to showcase the profiles of people, who live with passion, have a positive impact on their immediate surroundings and contribute to spreading positive values in the local community. It also seemed attractive enough to merit showing to a wider festival audience. This is how the "meta concept" was created for local stories, involving such artists as the Street Cat, CoffeeDesk, MK Sailing and the Queen of boxing and kickboxing - Agnieszka Rylik, a multiple world champion.

Such a creative concept required a high degree of alertness from Adam, not only in terms of requirements related to hardware, but also organizational skills - production and post-production, as well as logistics. Workshop participants had four completely different stories to tell, all of which took place under different circumstances (including the weather conditions) and in different locations during the peak of the summer season in Kołobrzeg. There was only one day to produce the films, which were all shot simultaneously by a by a group of workshop participants. They were not professional video creators but young people, who were involved in film making for the first time. This resulted in them filming four local stories, with guidance offered by their group guardians and leaders.

The workshop process itself was planned in accordance with the idea of education through entertainment and learning by doing. Agnieszka and Adam wanted everyone to have fun and glean things and ideas most valuable to them.

On the first day they introduced the participants to the most important and key issues in 360-degree video and immersed everyone in the technology by showing them some sample productions. Thanks to the goggles and the content presented, everyone could experience the power of new technologies and their creative potential. Then came the time to become acquainted with the protagonists of local stories, split into groups, create scripts and execute ideas.

On the second day the participants shot local stories with their protagonists: Kot Uliczny, CoffeeDesk, MK Sailling and Agnieszka Rylik. Depending on the shots, the films were made using the Kandao Obsidian R and GoPro Fusion cameras.

Post-production continued during the third and fourth days. Workshop participants learned about the entire post-production process: stitching, editing, sounding, coloring and sharing content via goggles.

On the last day was the official premiere of the documentaries - four local stories and a screening for the audience of the Kołobrzeg Suspense Film Festival (7th Edition). The films can also be seen below:

· Local stories – CoffeDesk, Video 360, Documentary, Kołobrzeg: https://youtu.be/FkSmMnTaHus
· Local stories – Agnieszka Rylik, Video 360, Documentary, Kołobrzeg: https://youtu.be/wt5GfYUKGSA
· Local stories – Kot Uliczny, Video 360, Documentary, Kołobrzeg: https://youtu.be/8siNUjZD0fo
· Local stories – MK Sailling, Video 360, Documentary, Kołobrzeg: https://youtu.be/OiGER0scWWc


Workshop Leaders:
Agnieszka, CEO/Innovation & Creative Leader at Brave Unicorns.
Worked in advertising, creating concepts for such brands as Kompania Piwowarska, Unilever, Grupa Żywiec, Google. Third place winner in the world's first Hapticathon. Writer and short film director with a passion for storytelling across digital media and Virtual Reality. Promoter of the Berlin Music Video Awards.
Adam Stachowski, CEO & Executive Producer at the production house VR Premium, dealing in the production of VR applications and 360 videos. Virtual reality technology is his passion. He handled VR and 360 video technologies in campaigns for brands such as NIKE, Reebok, Porsche and BMW.

Brave Unicorns x VR Premium x Kołobrzeg Suspense Film Festival (7th edition)