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Why VR?


Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative technology that can legitimately support your business goals. The potential of this technology is used by the greatest content creators: BBC, CNN; Hollywood, Disney, social channels: Facebook, YouTube; technological giants: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oculus, Google, the biggest film festivals and many more.

With VR, you can engage brand fans at a much deeper level and interest new audiences by immersing them in the brand world in a way that wasn't possible before.

By using VR meaning more often you can create the so-called WOW effect among the gathered community. Virtual reality allows you to fully immerse yourself in the most daring creations. 

Virtual Reality is a fully realistic experience for our mind, which participates in new worlds in the most amazing way. 

VR also provides access to sharing unique stories, often reserved for a small group of people (e.g. White House, Mount Everest, Fashion Week).  

VR is also one of the most exciting experiences you can offer to your brand fans in terms of strategy. 

Why did some VR campaigns earn money and others didn't? The idea will never be better just because it will be executed in virtual reality.

Why this medium is powerful? Impact of VR?

· great empathies medium/tool and also 360 videos – impactful stories (world huge problems)

· presence (here and now) tool

· everyone can be the hero (firt person point of view)

· metaphysical medium/experience, it’s show us who we truly are in terms of consciousness) and it’s very transformative

· we can be everywhere and every time (world wide experience, but not only)

· the most important thing is amazing & exciting experience

About the author: 

Creative leader of Brave Unicorns, currently writing her PhD in philosophy about the concept of metaphor.

She created concepts for such brands as Kompania Piwowarska, Grupa Żywiec, Unilever, Pierre Fabre, Beiersdorf AG, Ferrero, Google. 

She participated in the D&AD Impact Academy in New York. Organizer and mentor of the first in Poland workshops dedicated to the young generation in the creation of 360° films. Winner of the third place in the first Hapticathon in the world for the project "Happy Tappy App".

Screenwriter and director of short films with a passion for telling stories in digital media and virtual reality. Promoter of Berlin Music Video Awards.