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Metaverse: Short Semantic Discourse


Artificial & organic experience I call Reality+, blended experience.

For our minds artificial & organic experience is real (!). The first is created by technology, second by the nature.

Of course, there is more to this theme e.g. simulation hypothesis but for now, I want to show you something else.

We can speak about digital worlds / virtual worlds / imaginative worlds & organic worlds. Digital worlds are always rooted in the organic world by the viewer (human) or creator.

I don’t think that using the term “alternative world” for “digital world” makes sense. Why?

Because we don’t have access to the world that is not connected to Reality+, blended experience. In other words, there is no other Reality, than Reality+ for our human experience.

E.g. I can imagine that in one artificial/digital/virtual world we have different laws like no gravity or we have huge wings, but still, it doesn’t mean that it is an alternative world. It’s more about how things can be different in possible virtual worlds. I hope you feel the difference.

The next key thing is that the organic world is the world that we have access to through our senses naturally from birth. To experience the artificial world, we need (at this point in time) different artificial devices.

Why the distinction between organic, artificial, and Reality+ is important?

#1 How we use our language defines our world. There is a great philosophical quote about that I want to show you:

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein, The Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1922.

#2 This is the battle of positioning from the marketers’ point of view. Imagine that there is no other Reality than Reality+ & how deep the consequences of that are. How many articles are wrong? Especially if they argue that the Metaverse has no sense.

#3 I feel it is very important to speak about our intuition of how to use new terms. Especially at the beginning of the journey. Because the limits of our language create the limits of our world.

That’s why I invite you also to read my article:

"The Metaverse isn’t utopian vision. It’s Reality+ experience."

This is the game of positioning. If you grasp what I have written in this article, you know how many articles go in a false direction.

About the author:

Agnieszka Jaworska, creative leader, innovator, strategist, philosopher / works independently and at Brave Unicorns. If you wish bring your brand vision in the metaverse, chat with me.

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