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How to enter the metaverse
as a brand & win?


As a successful innovator, creative mind, strategist, and philosopher I will guide you shortly & briefly on how to win as a brand in long term. In other words, I will present what is good to keep in mind as a strategic & content creator.

A successful strategy in a metaverse is the power of translating Web2 strategy into Web3 experience with a strong shift in the consciousness of what Web3 is & means. For more insights go here.

Successful experience in a metaverse (Web3) is based on different values than ordinary business strategy (Web2).Big brands need to understand Web3 values & let go of control. By controlling they build ‘fake worlds’ instead ‘virtual worlds’, based on true digital ownership and a decentralized economy.

In my opinion, it’s time to play big and interact with fans like influencers do, not like an ‘old-school’ brand telling you what you need to buy in a way that represents a ‘fake reality. I called this ‘Web2 mindset’ in ‘Web3 experience’.

Web3 is an immersive experience (3D), Web2 works more like a bridge between online & offline communication with the brand (2D).

It’s a whole new story like the difference between Instagram (2D) and VR (3D). Can you feel it? The whole new perspective & process of creation is based on curiosity and untapped territory.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a live experience in the metaverse by selling products (!). It’s more about how to do this & win in eyes of your community.

Web3 is a mindset. Community FIRST. True ownership via blockchain technology. Creators economy.

In long term ‘fake worlds’ controlled by big brands are not what the Web3 community wishes to experience or choose. Because they represent different values.

At this point maybe it does not play a huge role, because we all still learn what to do & how. However, it will be crucial when the metaverse became an adult.

The people will recognize it as they recognize authenticity in Web2 brand communication.

So, a long-term strategy needs to be built on a solid foundation like true digital ownership.

I believe that brands that understand it, win first in the long run on this evolutionary journey and became true pioneers & ‘Digi-Sapiens’ influencers.

In Web3 mindset is the King.

About the author:

Agnieszka Jaworska, creative leader, innovator, strategist, philosopher / works independently and at Brave Unicorns. If you wish bring your brand vision in the metaverse, chat with me.

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