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How to take fashion in the Metaverse
to the next level?


I identified the issue that many of the concepts of visual storytelling taken from the Metaverse are ‘too ordinary’.

Why do we create ordinary things in an extraordinary environment?

Who likes Sims? :)

I believe we can push the boundaries… & let go of physical limitations.

The Metaverse is a playground for imagination & at the same time what we get is roofs :)

Similar experience is with fashion.

Three major tricks for avatars look (when not ordinary):

#1 The typical trick for avatars is to have their faces covered or not to show their face.

#2 Avatar clothes are often reminiscent of haute couture.

#3 Fashion expresses surreal* experiences.

*However, ‘surreal’ in the Metaverse does make not the same sense as in real-life.

In the Metaverse, ‘surreal’ is just as real. Because we can create whatever we can imagine.

In other worlds ‘reality & dreams’ are neighbors.


That’s why I started explore the idea of how we can expand fashion in the Metaverse & I get some insights:

- Think not linear
- Go beyond earthly experience
- Explore nature & elements of nature. Nature is very magical (!)
- Remix different styles, shapes, forms & cultures.
- Create unexpected experience intentionally... #mood


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About the author:

Agnieszka Jaworska, creative leader, innovator, strategist, philosopher / works independently and at Brave Unicorns. If you wish bring your brand vision in the metaverse, chat with me.