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"Beef"​: 🔹Borget Sebastien / The Sandbox vs Meta / Mark Zuckerberg and with "💎"​ emoji my response to Sebastien


🔹 Sorry Meta, but this is exactly how Avatars should NOT be... identical to ourselves.

💎 BORGET Sebastien, I believe that in the spirit of decentralization / web3 movement there is a place of freedom and we can create what we feel inspired to create. In this sense, Meta avatars look can be as they want to be. #Prada #Balenciaga #ThomBrowne


💎 However, it’s also not the way that I wish to experience the Metaverse. It is simply one of the many ways. Let’s create space for all new ways. #web3mindset

🔹 Avatars are our new digital identity in the Metaverse, so let’s use our imagination and take this chance to be who we really want to be and build a more inclusive and diverse digital nation

💎 As creator I feel that the Metaverse gives us ‘the juice to experience life / ‘Reality+’ on a whole new level in the sense of self-expression, we are multi-faced in nature. I vibe more with The Fabricant direction.

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🔹 Projects such as People of Crypto Lab are trailblazing by launching with NYX Professional Makeup by L’Oréal Avatars that represent non-gendered, black and brown women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ characters.


💎 It’s great that L’Oreal changed the narrative, however, I remember the web2 long-term strategy and it was not impressive as now.

🔹 Your Avatar = your new digital identity should be unique and interoperable as an #NFT

💎 I agree that it could be better. I also believe that our identity will be connected to our digital wallet in the future (e.g. #MetaMusk #Phantom)

🔹 #Web3 technology allows you to own this Avatar - not the platform it was created on - and use it across decentralized virtual worlds such as The Sandbox

💎 I think it’s the biggest issue of the meta concept. Meta with a ‘Web2’ mindset creates a ‘Web3’ experience. I don’t resonate with this strategy.

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🔹This is the true Metaverse #Open

💎 This is the concept of Metaverse via “M” that we start to build (…)

More about/My take: The Metaverse isn’t utopian vision. It’s Reality+ experience.

🔹 We showed the way first with World of Women NFT Avatar Collection becoming playable in The Sandbox

💎 Yes. It’s great example how we can use 'NFT’s’ as our Avatars in the Metaverse. However, it’s the beginning of the journey and there is a lot to explore.


🔹 We will keep working with the most vibrant Web3 communities and creators to shape a Metaverse that is full of culture and creativity

🔹 The community is shaping the future of the Metaverse - not us.

💎 100%. ‘Web3’ is ‘community first’ culture driven.

🔹 We're just allowing as a platform anyone to become a Creator and bringing in the top lifestyle, fashion or entertainment brands as part of the process

Let's have fun - pushing the limits of our imagination in the Metaverse



**Some facts:

Facebook/Meta: 3 bn users, 1,6 bn daily

The Sandbox (blockchain): 2M users, 300,000 monthly active users

About the author:
Agnieszka Jaworska, creative leader, innovator, strategist, philosopher
/ works independently and at Brave Unicorns

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